Editor play the most important role in peer review process. The final decision of accepting or rejecting a manuscript is with the Editors.
“He who does not research has nothing to teach”

Why to become an Editor for IJAPSR..?

• To develop critical skills essential for research.
• Improve reputation and increase exposure to key figures in the field.
• To stay up to date with the latest research and technology.

Responsibilities of an Editor:

• Elevate journals reputation among their affiliated academic community.
• Suggest publisher with new policies for the development of Journal.
• Update reviewers and authors with new policies and guidelines.
• Editors should ensure protection of individual data and maintain confidentiality.
• Editors should represent and promote the Journal at academic meetings and conferences.
• Every Editor should ensure submission of at least one paper in a year. (In which he/she can be either main author/Corresponding author/Co-author. The paper can be either research article/review article/case report/short communication.
• Ensure constructive, fair and timely feedback to the authors for their contributions.


To join us as an Editor please mail us at sierrajournals@gmail.com