Formulation Design and in Vitro Evaluation of Oral Disintegrating Tablets of Selegiline

V Sandhya, K Sunand, A Swapna, K Prasanth, A Vijaya, J Geetha


In the present work, an attempt has been made to develop fast disintegrating tablets of Selegiline, were as sodium starch glycolate, cross povidone and cross carmellose sodium were employed as super disintegrating agents to enhance the solubility and dissolution rate of drug molecule. Formulations were prepared by direct compression method using 6mm punch on 8 station rotary tablet punching machine. The blend of all the formulations showed good flow properties such as angle of repose, bulk density and tapped density. The prepared tablets have shown good post compression parameters and they passed all the quality control evaluation parameters as per IP limits. Among all the formulations F2 formulation showed maximum percentage drug release i.e., 97.26 % in 45 min, hence it is considered as optimized formulation. The F2 formulation contains SSG as super disintegrate in the concentration of 24mg.


selegiline, sodium starch glycolate, oral disintegrating tablet, formulation; evaluation; design;

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