Dictatorial streaming of biomarkers in some diseases

Mohammed Torequl Islam, Thoufiqul Alam Riaz, Jannatul Ferdous, Atiqur Rahaman, Bishwajit Guha, Shashi Mohagon, Abdullah-Al-Mahmud Munna, Asma Akhter, Elora Parijat Parijat


The term "biomarker‟ is used from 1980. Nowadays, diagnosis/prognosis and research in medical science are more concerned with the discovery and utilization of a number of biomarkers. The information in the library of biomarkers is rising day by day as their major concerns relate diseases, pathogenicity or pharmacology in a variety of hosts. Taking into account, we summarize a number of biomarkers in a number of diseases in human. It includes the name and their up- and/or down expressions in those situations. However, no description was plugged with the individual fact.


biomarkers; pathophysiology; up-regulation; down-regulation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21477/ijapsr.v1i3.11337


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